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It's Science

'Cute Aggression' Is the Desire to Crush Adorable Things

A portion of people have it, and researchers think they might know why.
Shayla Love
It's Science

This Biohacker Is Trying to Help People Make Their Own Estrogen

Hormone anarchy, in a quest for more body autonomy for cis and trans women.
Mark Hay
It's Science

Here's Why Stressed-Out People Like to Curse So Much

Letting the F-bomb fly helps with primordial decision-making.
Nick Keppler
It's Science

Bacteria Can Now Be Programmed Like a Computer

It could lead the way to cancer-hunting nanobots.
Daniel Oberhaus
It's Science

Sometimes Gene Tests Only Lead to More Questions

“In short, there isn’t enough data to know what you are seeing.”
Carrie Arnold
The Future of Cancer

This Physicist Invented a Cancer-Killing Laser That Could One Day Replace Chemo

“When I was taking care of my aunt, I was like, There must be something better than just dying like this."
Shelby Hartman
game changers

The New Microbiome Frontier: Your Blood

Healthy blood appears to contain an array of microbes. What health secrets are they harboring?
Melinda Wenner Moyer
It's Science

The Science of How Poverty Harms the Brain

The stress of poverty can change the brain in ways that further disadvantage the poor.
Caroline Beaton
It's Science

Your Weird Doodles Are Good For Your Chill

Science says so.
Kristen Dold
Fighting Words

Now We Know: Dogs Are Better than Cats

Hate to be the bearer of such controversial news, but...
Mark Hay
It's Science

Just Being Near Your Phone Makes You Dumber

If it's within reach, it's draining your brainpower.
Jesse Hicks
It's Science

Your First Impressions of Most People Are Totally Wrong

An expert on human interaction debunks your gut instincts.
Mike Zimmerman