Mammals Are Dying at an Alarming Rate Even in Unpolluted Forests

Scientists made maps to show how mammals in an intact habitat still face major pressures from human hunters.
Becky Ferreira

1,000-Year-Old Pristine Mayan Artifacts Found in Sealed 'Jaguar God' Cave

The cave was first discovered by local farmers in 1966, but was walled off until last year for unknown reasons.
Becky Ferreira
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Ecotourism in Costa Rica Is Putting Wildlife at Risk

Ecotourism has been a positive force in some ways, but native species like the jaguar, sloth, and howler monkey are losing ground to development.
Tracey Lindeman
living with jaguars

Trump’s Border Wall Would Condemn US Jaguars to Extinction

“A viable jaguar population could be reestablished in the US, but not if the wall is built.”
Stephen Leahy
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Jaguars Literally Cannot Resist Calvin Klein’s ‘Obsession for Men’

Scientists spray the fragrance on camera traps to attract jaguars for research.
Lisa Cumming
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Watch Our 360/VR Documentary 'Living With Jaguars' on Saving the Wild Cats of Brazil

We took VR cameras to the Brazilian Pantanal, which is home to one of the highest densities of wild jaguars in the world.
Kate Lunau
living with jaguars

The ‘Path of the Jaguar’ Aims to Secure this Big Cat’s Enormous Range

Jaguars are increasingly isolated due to habitat fragmentation. Environmentalists, scientists, and locals are working to secure their free passage across over a dozen countries.
Becky Ferreira
living with jaguars

Watch the Trailer for ‘Living With Jaguars,’ Motherboard’s New Interactive VR Film

A unique experiment in jaguar conservation is playing out in Brazil. Motherboard went to see how it’s working, and took some VR cameras.
Kate Lunau

The Researcher Documenting Life in Earth's Most Biodiverse Ecosystem

Diego Mosquera shares the lush Ecuadorian Amazon with the world through camera traps, social media, and academic research.
Jason Koebler

America’s Attempt to Bring Back Jaguars Will End With Trump’s Wall

The male jaguars crossing from Mexico to the US will soon be locked out.
Grennan Milliken

Julius Thomas Relaxes at the Shooting Range: Off Day

Julius Thomas is a monster on the gridiron, but you're kidding yourself if you think he's like that all the time.
VICE Sports
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