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Go Ahead And Get Excited About 3-On-3 Basketball In The Olympics

It almost certainly won't be as cool as it could be, because the IOC is like that. But let's dream on it for a minute.
David Roth
jamal crawford

Jamal Crawford Mimics Blake Griffin Dunk in Real Time

Jamal Crawford brought the fun in the Clippers comeback win over the Celtics.
Joseph Flynn
Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers Blows Gasket, Clippers Blow Game

Doc Rivers was none too pleased with a technical foul call, so he got another one called on him and then lost his mind. The Clippers then lost the game.
Patrick Sauer
nba playoffs 2016

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul Are Down, But the Clippers Aren't Out Yet

Pain has bedeviled this Clippers team—recent injuries to Griffin and Paul are only the latest in a long line—resilience has been woven into its competitive fabric.
Louis Keene

It's Time for the Clippers to Embrace Their Inner Bad Guy

The Clippers have found themselves cast as basketball villains. Maybe that's not such a bad role to play.
Alexander Goot

The Best Sixth Man In The NBA Is Two Toronto Raptors

Jamal Crawford is fun to watch, but he wasn't the NBA's best sixth man this year. For pure impact, no one player equaled Toronto's Cory Joseph and Patrick Patterson.
​Jared Dubin

Watching The Los Angeles Clippers, Who Are More Themselves Than Ever

The Los Angeles Clippers are team with talent and problems to spare. But, more than anything else, they are their own weird and uniquely self-defeating thing.
Robert O'Connell
corbin smith dunkfest 2015

Reel Talk: The Second Corbin Smith Review Of Online Basketball Highlights

In which our host uses the power of streaming online video to ponder the awesomeness of Jamal Crawford, a delighted Kelsey Grammer, and film himself dunking.
Corbin Smith