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An Excessively Deep Dive into The Misfits' High School Yearbooks

We studied the band's high school years to piece together the teenage lives of Danzig, Doyle, and Jerry Only.


They Said It Would Never Happen: The Original Misfits Are Reuniting for Riot Fest

Danzig. Only. Doyle. Together for the first time in over 30 years.


Earth 2015 A.D.: Jerry Only Knows How to Keep The Misfits Undead

Tacky merchandising crap aside, Jerry Only is a crowd-pleasing machine when he's playing the hits.


Danzig Is Suing Jerry Only for Some of that Sweet Hot Topic Money

Too much Horror Business, not enough Horror Profiting.


Things That Piqued My Interest at New York Comic Con 2013

Everyone seemed to think that this year's New York Comic Con was smaller and less spectacular than last year's main event. Although I agreed with this sentiment, I still had a great time.