This is just the beginning for Julian Assange

The U.S. could be trying to bring additional charges against the WikiLeaks founder.


"White nationalist" in the Coast Guard was stockpiling guns to massacre Democrats and journalists, prosecutors say

Prosecutors have asked a judge to detain Lt. Christopher Hasson until he can face trial for illegal drug possession and possession of firearms.


Myanmar tries to “whitewash” its Rohingya crimes by jailing journalists

“The court has rendered itself complicit in the government’s efforts to obscure the campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya."


A history of violent threats didn’t stop the Maryland newsroom shooter from buying a gun

He'd use that same gun to open fire at the Capitol Gazette and allegedly kill five people.


Michael Cohen threatened a journalist and said spousal rape isn’t real in 2015

NPR published exclusive audio Thursday of Cohen’s threats to one of its own reporters, Tim Mak, when he worked for the Daily Beast.


EPA security forcibly removed a reporter from a public event on toxic chemicals

“She said she was not hurt, but she was actually physically touched,” one source told VICE News.


Here's the murdered Slovakian journalist's last story on the Italian Mafia

The report details the ties between a former topless model, the Slovakian prime minister, and a man with suspected ties to the Italian Mafia.


Inventor Charged with Killing Journalist Kim Wall Aboard Submarine

Peter Madsen, 47, could face life in prison.


'New York Times' Sues Scammer Who Pretended to Be a Reporter

Contessa Bourbon met with major politicians and even printed her own bogus business cards, according to the suit.


Why This Journalist Pivoted His Career Into Ice Cream

"Maybe I miss the adventure from back then, but I don't miss the danger."


Missing Journalist's Body Identified After Bizarre Submarine Incident

Danish police have found part of Kim Wall's body near Copenhagen's coast after a local inventor admitted she died onboard his homemade vessel and that he "buried her at sea."


People with Jobs Everyone Hates Defend Themselves

What do a traffic warden, an estate agent, a lawyer, a salesperson and a journalist have to say for themselves?