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mueller investigation

Mueller's team says their report will be way more damning of Trump than Barr's summary

Investigators who worked on the probe are frustrated with the attorney general
David Gilbert

Stabbings, gang rapes, and rats: DOJ gives Alabama 49 days to fix "cruel and unusual" prisons

The DOJ released a scathing 56-page report on Wednesday that details the "deplorable conditions" in 16 Alabama prisons.
Tess Owen
mueller report

Democrats want the full, unredacted Mueller report — and they want it now

They're not accepting the attorney general's promise of a mid-April redacted release
Greg Walters
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Former college admissions officers tell us just how broken the process is

Dave Mayers
Lindsay Van Dyke

Everything you need to know about U.S. charges against tech giant Huawei

Beijing is standing behind one of its most prestigious companies and urged Washington to “stop the unreasonable crackdown.”
David Gilbert
bump stocks

Gun rights groups are ready to fight Trump's ban on the accessory that fueled the Las Vegas massacre

“In the coming days, an estimated half a million bump stock owners will have the difficult decision of either destroying or surrendering their valuable property"
Tess Owen
Matt Whitaker

Senators are suing to get "unconfirmed lackey" Matt Whitaker’s appointment declared unconstitutional

"The stakes are too high to allow the president to install an unconfirmed lackey ... whose stated purpose, apparently, is undermining a major investigation into the president"
Tess Owen
Julian Assange

Court filing error reveals Assange has been secretly charged by the Justice Department

“The news that criminal charges have apparently been filed against Mr. Assange is even more troubling than the haphazard manner in which that information has been revealed.”
David Gilbert

The Strange Case of 'Joe Exotic,' the Zookeeper Accused of Attempted Murder

"I am the most dangerous exotic animal owner on this planet right now. And before you bring me down, it is my belief that you will stop breathing."
Drew Schwartz
Fyre Fest

Fyre Festival founder facing up to 75 years in prison with new guilty plea

Billy McFarland stole more than $100,000 while out on bail for charges related to his Fyre Fest scam.
Gabrielle Bluestone
John Doe

The Trump administration wants to send a U.S. citizen to Saudi Arabia to be prosecuted

No one knows what's going to happen to "John Doe"
Alexa Liautaud
Civil Rights

Trump’s Justice Department isn’t enforcing civil rights

A VICE News analysis of cases and investigations shows enforcement is at its lowest level in two decades.
Rob Arthur