ken giles


Ken Giles Punched Himself in the Face After Giving Up Home Run to Gary Sanchez

The Houston Astros pitcher was, uh, a bit frustrated at his hand in the L against the New York Yankees.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Once Again Nats Hoarding Prospects at the Possible Cost of a Championship

The Nationals need a closer because Jonathan Papelbon is having the worst season of his career. But Washington doesn't want to give up any prospects to get one.
Mike Vorkunov

The Houston Astros Are Suddenly Bad. Where Did Things Go Wrong?

The Astros were one out away from defeating the Royals. Now they are in last place, and their offseason looks like a disaster.
R.J. Anderson
yakkin about baseball

Yakkin' About Baseball: Poisoned Orange Juice, Haunted Yankees, Fictitious Reds

A frank discussion of the first month or so of baseball, touching upon the psychopharmacological effects of Bartolo Colon, jowly athletes, and some losing teams.
David Roth and David Raposa
this particular week in baseball

Bad Relievers, Supernova Cubbies, and Thor: This Particular Week in Baseball

A mercifully brief look at the early wreckage of the Astros' Ken Giles and the Red Sox's Craig Kimbrel, a few words on litter boxes, and the Cubs go on dominating everything, dominantly.
Matthew Kory

What to Expect at Baseball's Winter Meetings

It's nearly time for baseball's annual early-winter celebration of hyperactive speculating, wild overspending, deal-making, and reckless tweeting. Get ready.
Jonathan Bernhardt