• 2.12.16

      Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #104

      VICE art editor Nick Gazin separates the comics wheat from the chaff, giving you real talk about the new Deadpool doll, He-Man book, 'Hamburger Eyes,' and more.

    • 6.17.15

      The Blobby Boys Kill Fashion Cat

      Alex Schubert is missing so guest artists are filling in for him. This week Jason Ramirez tells a story in which some Blobby Boy mice kill a very drunk Fashion Cat.

    • 5.27.15

      Dingball - 'Boogerbeard'

      Dingball has a very sexy new dog friend. TB has a very luxurious beard made of mucus.

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    • 12.10.14

      Am I Basic?

      Fashion Cat is sitting around busting on basics until he's confronted by the eternal question: "Am I, myself, a basic?"

    • 11.19.14

      Owen Wilson Sells Blood for Ramen Money

      The Blobby Boys are still broke and trying to find money. Adrian decides to try selling his blood because why not?