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Steakhouse Accidentally Serves $5,700 Wine to Guest Who Ordered Waaaay Cheaper Bottle

The diner had ordered a more budget-friendly bottle, but was served the pricey Le Pin Pomerol 2001 after a label mix-up.
Bettina Makalintal

London Chefs Are Learning to Barbecue Like Texans

In Britain, we’re used to a couple of bangers on the barbecue, so the American stuff is really interesting to me. It’s the process of taking a pretty cheap cut and putting your heart and soul into it.
Danny Cheetham

This Cannabis Supper Club Wants You to Roll Rice Paper Joints

A London chef is hosting a supper club with a hemp-focused menu of weed” tea with oxtail ravioli, sharing platters of kebabs, and rice paper “joints.”
Laura Martin
fried chicken

Part of Me Never Wants to Make Fried Chicken Again

Rita’s started from a nightclub toilet in Dalston, so we had to make something that hit the spot right away. Our fried chicken is good but I kind of never want to make it again. You’re only as good as your last dish.
Gabriel Pryce

I'm Bringing Faggots Back to London's Restaurant Scene

People aren’t interested in meat and two veg anymore, you’ve got to mix it up. I put faggots and veal with cream of St George’s mushrooms on the menu recently and I’m amazed at the uptake.
Ronnie Murray

Today’s Chefs Need to Step Away from the Garnish

The importance of dishes like Black Forest gateau, Beef Wellington, and quiche Lorraine is that their ingredient combinations are faultless—and yet modern chefs keep adding unnecessary flourishes.
Anna Tobias