Lube Is Not the Enemy

Sometimes a friction-reducing sexual aid is just a friction-reducing sexual aid.


Six-Word Advice for Anyone About to Lose Their Virginity

“Try not to laugh too much.”


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Stop Substituting Spit for Lube During Anal Sex

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Straight Men, Please Stop Your Useless Fingering

To the surprise of many, just jabbing around down there is not an effective way to get off a person with a clitoris. So please, stop using your fingers as temporary dick surrogates and try these methods instead.


Can You Use Straight Lube for Gay Anal Sex? An Investigation

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The Truth About Organic Lubes

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Selling Sex with Durex’s Pleasure Art Campaign

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​How Gay Men Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Semen

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when semen became the focus of so much erotic fixation in the gay community. What was once stigmatized as disease-ridden poison is now celebrated. Whatever the case, semen is everywhere these days.