Magnus Nilsson


The World's Most Isolated Michelin-Starred Restaurant Is Closing

Fäviken, Magnus Nilsson's acclaimed Swedish restaurant surrounded by 20,000 acres of farmland, will soon be no more.
Jelisa Castrodale
Nordic cuisine

Magnus Nilsson Talks Quebec Sugar Shacks, Seal Hunting, and Pineapple Pizza

We bombarded the Swedish chef with pork, beans, eggs, and lots of maple syrup.
Nick Rose
Molecular Gastronomy

Even Scandinavian Chefs Think a Little Overcooked Meat Beats Perfection

Chef Magnus Nilsson doesn't really mind if a steak is slightly undercooked in the middle and slightly overcooked on the outside. After all, the science of cooking perfectly is something that has never existed before now.
Julia Wayne

Why I Opened My Restaurant in the Middle of Nowhere

Having a restaurant in the countryside means you have to accept that you might not have everything you want, which actually makes it more fun to eat.
Daniel Berlin
Nordic cuisine

This Nordic Food Bible Took Three Years and Seven Countries to Write

Between running one of the world’s best restaurants and championing hyperlocal ingredients, Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson has produced a cookbook that is, in itself, a sort of foraged feast—gathering recipes from across the Nordic region.
Nell Frizzell

How Mission Chinese Transformed noma into a Wonderland of Fried Chicken and 'Titanic'

I watched Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga transform the world-renowned restaurant noma into a Gonzo-esque space where beautifully composed dishes including koji-fried chicken paired with weed were served alongside the Titanic soundtrack. The...
Lisa Abend