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24 Easy Hangover Cures from Our Favorite Chefs from Across the Pond

Salt beef sandwiches? Spicy chicken wings? A really good roast? We’ve got it all.
Munchies Staff

This Chef Is Trolling TripAdvisor with Crazy Reviews of His Own Restaurant

"I wanted to show how bullshit it is," says Gary Usher, the Chester chef whose fake write-up has been praised by food critics including Jay Rayner for exposing TripAdvisor's questionable review screening process.
Daisy Meager

Welcome to the MUNCHIES Guide to British Food

Every day this week, MUNCHIES will be exploring the stories that make Britain’s cuisine. Pull up a chair, BYOB, and prepare to forget everything you know about British food.
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This Man Wants People to Stop Serving Food on Wooden Boards

Steak presented on wooden boards, bread arranged in hats and chips in plant pots. Will our obsession with food served on things that aren’t plates ever end? The man behind the We Want Plates Twitter account certainly hopes so.
Phoebe Hurst

We Should Be Eating Seaweed by the Bucketload

So nutrient-dense and sustainable it's almost silly, it's high time we started looking to seaweed as a regular food source beyond spirulina pills and the stuff found in store-bought miso soups.
Gareth May

Being An Anonymous Restaurant Critic Is Like Being in the CIA

<i>The Guardian's</i> Marina O'Loughlin is one of the last of a dying breed: anonymous restaurant critics. We spoke to her about the challenges of protecting your identity when you've had a few, avoiding industry events, and, um, sticking herbs up her...
Eleanor Morgan