mark duffy

    • 3.31.14

      Here are Some of the Best Ads of 2014

      Here are some ads that did not make me want to poke out my eyes with a Dixie® knife.

    • 3.3.14

      American Car Ads Are an Embarrassment

      During the Oscars last night, Cadillac aired its controversial new “American exceptionalism” commercial, which premiered during the Winter Olympics. It features actor and devout Catholic Neal McDonough perfectly cast as “Arrogant American Asshole...

    • 1.27.14

      What the Hell Happened to Apple's Advertising?

      Last week marked the 30th anniversary of “1984,” the Orwellian commercial that introduced the Mac computer to the world. It started the grand American tradition of spending staggering amounts of money on Super Bowl ads, a custom that will be carried on...

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