mass surveillance


This Week's Waypoints Is About Repression, Nature, and Escape

The struggle to relate to one another, and to our world.


This SIM Card Forces All of Your Mobile Data Through Tor

"This is about sticking a middle finger up to mobile filtering, mass surveillance."


Dutch voters just shot down a major spying law that would allow DNA database

The legislation may now face revision, even though the prime minister supports it.


The Ongoing Trauma of the Muslim Students an Undercover Cop Spied on For 4 Years

A new documentary, "Watched," examines the story of an undercover NYPD officer who spent four years infiltrating a group of Muslim college students—and the harrowing psychological effects on two young Muslim women who had to live under such invasive...


The Troubling Metadata Sharing Program That Was Just Revealed in the UK

Through MILKWHITE, low level agencies such as the Metropolitan Police can access metadata collected by GCHQ.


The RCMP Are Being Investigated Over Controversial Spy Tech

The use of "StingRays" in Canada may finally come to light.


Canadian Spies Get Spanked Again For Sharing Citizens' Data With the NSA

Two new reports say Canada's spy agencies have been playing fast-and-loose with the metadata it collects from Canadians.


Politicians and Activists Blast Mass Surveillance at VICE News Davos Panel

An international panel debated the causes and effects of mass surveillance Thursday at an event organized by VICE News during the World Economic Forum.


'The UK Does Not Undertake Mass Surveillance,' Says UK Home Secretary

Theresa May was challenged by MPs on controversial proposed surveillance laws.


EU Parliament Asks European Countries to Protect Edward Snowden from the US

Snowden scores a symbolic victory, but his legal situation is unlikely to change in the short term.


British Taxpayers Are Funding the UK's Mass Surveillance Program

The full figures have not been made public, but the costs of the program have been estimated at around $17.27 billion.