Mayor Ed Lee

Livable Planet

In 25 Years, San Francisco Cut Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 28 Percent

What the City by the Bay's trash can teach us about sustainability.
Impact Staff
the imperfect host

The Imperfect Host, Part Five: Seeing The Invisible In Super Bowl City

San Francisco's inequalities are well known, but are hard to see because of how invisible the poor have become. Life outside the walls in Super Bowl City is rough.
Tarin Towers
the imperfect host

The Imperfect Host, Part Three: The Refugees Of Super Bowl City

San Francisco has a unique relationship with its homeless population, and always has. The arrival of Super Bowl City has complicated things, and displaced people.
Tarin Towers
Super Bowl 50

The Imperfect Super Bowl Host, Part Two: San Francisco Street Hassle

Hosting the NFL's "Super Bowl City" theme park has meant displacement, discontent, and expense for San Francisco. In a city with problems, it's a gamble.
Tarin Towers
the imperfect host

The Imperfect Host, Part One: The Citizens of Super Bowl City

Super Bowl 50 is in Santa Clara, but San Francisco is hosting the NFL mini-theme park Super Bowl City. Fitting a city in a city isn't any easier than it sounds.
Tarin Towers

San Francisco Mayor Vows to Remove City's Homeless by Super Bowl Weekend

Homeless advocates note that an effort to correct the problem by issuing citations or clogging up jails could produce heavy residual costs for the city and its homeless population.
Colleen Curry
Our Man in San Fran

Most of the People Killed by San Francisco Cops Are Mentally Ill

For years, the city has failed to look after its mentally ill population, and too often this results in cops having to deal with situations they don't have training in.
Jules Suzdaltsev

How To Be a Landlord in San Francisco

Being a landlord in San Francisco is like being a coke-dealer in the 80s. People are basically throwing money at you for doing nothing. It’s like finding a cauldron of gold doubloons buried in your backyard. It’s pretty sweet.
Nato Green