Merrill Markoe


An In-Depth Analysis of Bob Dylan's 2015 Christmas Lights

For the first time in years, Bob Dylan upgraded his Christmas display. I found deeper meaning in every new string of lights.


College Is Not the Best Four Years of Your Life

In the interest of reassuring struggling students, I offer this partial catalog of some of the many bad ideas I accumulated during my college years. Trust me—life gets better after graduation.


I Went to the Academy Awards of Sex Toys

It had all the fanfare of the Oscars, but with way more dildos.


Men-Only Clubs Are Dated and Embarrassing

It's hard to believe that clubs that exclude women from membership still exist, but they do. Maybe a little gender mixing would be helpful at a time when the news is full of terrifying sexual assault allegations.


The Ransom of Samantha

The detective who showed up at 5 AM was not much older-looking than Samantha's friends. (Not that Samantha ever hung out with clean-cut guys like this. Why should she when there were still heroin addicts in bands who needed a doormat?)


Employees of the Month

Our 2014 fiction issue features new work by David Mamet, Michel Gondry, James Franco, Alec Sokolow, Louis Mellis, Martin Parr, and many other writers and artists we love.