This Is the Emotional and Financial Cost of Sexual Assault

"I sometimes find myself very depressed over the question: 'Who would I be had I not been raped?'”
Lori Fox

Oh Good, Mike Myers Says He Might Make Another Austin Powers Movie

He said the prospects for a new sequel are "looking good."
Beckett Mufson
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Protesters Showed Up to Louis C.K.'s Latest Set at the Comedy Cellar

They held up signs at the entrance to the venue and asked people to walk out.
Drew Schwartz

The New 'House of Cards' Actually Doesn't Suck

Amidst a giant plot twist and ever-expanding cast of characters, watching Claire Underwood work is pure joy.
Beckett Mufson

'Jennifer’s Body' Would Kill if It Came Out Today

Ten years later, it's worth considering that some themes in this horror comedy would form a winning formula in the #MeToo era.
Frederick Blichert

South Korea's #MeToo Movement Wants to End the 'Epidemic' of Spy Cam Porn

Women in South Korea are taking back public spaces.
VICE Staff
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When Believing Women Isn't Enough to Help Them

The #MeToo movement has led more women to come forward with stories of sexual misconduct, but that hasn't often led to justice.
VICE Staff
Brett Kavanaugh

Where the Idea of False Rape Accusations Really Comes From

Donald Trump and his Adult Son keep trying to foment a #MeToo backlash. Shocker: They're lying.
Sonja Sharp
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How We Talk About Consent

VICE host Isobel Yeung discusses her special HBO report "Consent."
VICE Staff
donald trump jr

The Kavanaugh Hearing Has Donald Trump Jr. Afraid for His Sons

The president's son again demonstrates that he has no idea what he's talking about.
Eve Peyser
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Men Are Defending Brett Kavanaugh Because They're Afraid

Why male emotions are running so high.
Eve Peyser
High Wire

If a Woman Drinks, It’s Her Fault. If a Man Drinks, It’s an Excuse

It's the 1980s all over again.
Maia Szalavitz