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Trump's Michael Cohen Nightmare Is Just Getting Started

The president's trusted old friend has him closer than ever to impeachment—and he's not going away.
Matt Taylor
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We Asked Inmates How Michael Cohen Will Get Treated in Prison

"The guy is one of the most well-known snitches in America right now. And I don't care what prison he goes to—he's hit!"
Seth Ferranti
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Judge Orders Stormy Daniels to Pay Trump's Legal Fees

On Monday, a federal judge dismissed Stormy Daniels' defamation suit against President Donald Trump on the grounds of free speech.
Marie Solis
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The 'National Enquirer' Reportedly Had a Safe Full of Trump Secrets

According to the AP, the tabloid had squirreled away "documents on hush money payments and other damaging stories."
Harry Cheadle
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The Cracks Are Finally Starting to Show in Trump's Presidency

Even Republicans admit that it's getting "ugly" for him.
Harry Cheadle
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The Worst Conservative Defense of Cohen and Manafort

Pro-Trump figures argue that the two men's crimes are common among the rich and powerful. So why not send more of the rich and powerful to prison?
Harry Cheadle
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No One Who Works for Trump Ever Wins in the End

Lots of people were eager to jump on the Trump train, but it turns out that train is more a rollercoaster that inevitably ends suddenly in a brick wall.
Harry Cheadle
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A Lawyer Told Us How the Cohen Tapes Could Hurt Trump

The only question is how much dirt the president's old fixer has—and how desperate he is to unleash it.
Matt Taylor

It's Looking Worse and Worse for Michael Cohen (and Donald Trump)

Will the notorious consigliere's personal fondness for his old boss stand up to growing scrutiny from the feds?
Matt Taylor
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Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti's Petty Beef, Explained by a Lawyer

Can Trump's lawyer block Stormy Daniels's lawyer from appearing in court because he's an asshole?
Charles Star

You Shouldn't Be Surprised by Michael Cohen's Shameless Bribery Scheme

The president's personal lawyer and favorite ambulance chaser got millions from huge corporations like AT&T desperate for access to Trump. Welcome to DC, but somehow worse.
David Dayen
Michael Cohen

AT&T Has an Army of DC-Connected Consultants, So Why the Hell Did it Pay Michael Cohen $200,000?

AT&T's explanations for why it paid Donald Trump's personal lawyer at least $200,000 aren't satisfying.
Karl Bode