Michael Cohen

stormy daniels

The Cops Who Arrested Stormy Daniels at a Strip Club Could Be Fired

Within hours of Daniels’ arrest, all charges were dropped because she didn’t regularly appear at the club.
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Trump hush money

“He’s Pissed:” Here Are the Cohen Files on Trump Hush Money Payments

Greg Walters
elliott broidy

The Guy Who Ran Trump’s Inaugural Committee Is Being Investigated for Corruption

The U.S. Attorney's office is looking into whether Elliott Broidy used his proximity to Trump to secure lucrative contracts with foreign officials.
Tim Marcin
Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen Says Trump’s Lawyer Told Him to Lie to Congress

He also told Congress that lawyers for Ivanka Trump told him to lie about her knowledge of her father's business dealings with Russia.
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Michael Cohen's Prison Doesn't Sound Half Bad

A former inmate tells us what it's like in there.
Jaclyn Skurie
Trump's finances

Trump is suing to stop Democrats from digging into his finances

He's trying to block a House committee’s subpoena of records from his accounting firm
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The mueller report

Mueller uncovered all these times Trump asked people to lie for him

It's a disturbing pattern
Alex Lubben
mueller investigation

New documents show Mueller was interested in Cohen for a whole lot more than hush-money payments

Federal officials had been investigating Cohen for nearly a year before they knocked on his door in April 2018.
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trump organization

Two of Trump's banks just got subpoenaed for records

It's the latest real-world impact of Michael Cohen’s blockbuster Congressional testimony
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Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen is suing the Trump Organization for failing to pay his legal fees

He says he's owed $1.9 million for costs related to testifying before Congress and cooperating with the Mueller probe.
Emma Ockerman
Trump Investigations

Trump’s insurance practices are under investigation now. He can thank Michael Cohen.

“This is one more headache for the president.”
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Roger Stone

Roger Stone is really testing the limits of his gag order

“I expect him to get locked up.”
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