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Ole Missus vs. Mammy: Who Owns Southern Food?

A response to Cynthia Bertelsen's “Edna Lewis and the Mythology Behind Modern Southern Food.”
Michael Twitty
Race and Health

Michael Twitty Addresses Racial Inequality in the Southern Kitchen

African American culinary historian Michael Twitty discusses his open letter to lauded white southern chef Sean Brock, and the racial inequalities in the Charleston restaurant scene.
Helen Hollyman

Kitchen Pepper

Used sparingly (or not, you do you), this simple spice blend will take your meal from "meh" to "FUCK YES."
Michael Twitty

Fresh Carolina Cucumber Salad

Salting and marinating cucumber adds loads of flavor while retaining some of their crunch.
Michael Twitty

Cornbread Kush

The precursor to modern cornbread stuffing was developed by enslaved African people out of leftovers and transformed over the years into the Thanksgiving staple we know today.
Michael Twitty

Talking 'Southern Discomfort': Foodcast with Michael Twitty

MUNCHIES editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman sits down with Michael Twitty to discuss his Southern Discomfort Tour and how race and identity meet through the food of contemporary America.
Helen Hollyman
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How to Talk About Race Through Food

In this video, MUNCHIES Editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman sits down with Michael Twitty, a culinary historian whose work centers on the antebellum slave kitchen, to discuss how he addresses race through food.
Munchies Staff

Mouth Full of South

I first heard about culinary historian Michael Twitty in the wake of Paula Deen's dismissal from the Food Network. Last May, I attended one of his dinners, in which he typically dresses in period attire.
Helen Hollyman