Michelle Bachelet

kids in cages

U.N. Human Rights Chief "Appalled" by Conditions of Child Detention at U.S. Border

“As a pediatrician, but also as a mother and a former head of state, I am deeply shocked."
David Gilbert

Students in Chile Are Demanding Free Tuition, and Protests Are Turning Violent

The students are angry at President Michelle Bachelet for not fulfilling promises she made to overhaul Chile’s education system during her 2014 election campaign.
Max Radwin

Chile Takes Its First Step Towards Easing Pinochet’s Total Ban on Abortion

Deputies approved a bill allowing abortion in three highly restricted cases amid much heated debate in the chamber and on social media. The reform, celebrated as historic by women’s rights activists, now goes to the senate.
Nicolás Ríos

The Year Latin Americans Got Angry About Corruption

Latin Americans took to the streets during 2015 to protest against a flurry of staggering corruption scandals across the region. But while they won some battles, it is still far from clear if they can win the war.
Jan-Albert Hootsen

Chile's President Bachelet's New Constitution Plans Face Obstacles

Most Chileans support replacing the old constitution of the Pinochet dictatorship, but Bachelet's proposals are not supported by the political opposition and public trust in all politicians is almost non-existent.
Nicolás Ríos

The Soldiers Who Set Two Chilean Protesters on Fire in 1986 Will Finally Face Charges

Twelve former soldiers in Chile's military will face justice after the infamous 1986 immolation case was reopened upon a break in Chilean ex soldiers' "code of silence."
Nicolás Ríos

Controversial Campaign for DIY Abortions Shocks Chile, Highlighting Need For Reform

One of the graphic videos suggests women should purposefully fall down stairs to induce an abortion in Chile, where the procedure is totally criminalized and has not been reformed since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship.
Andrea Noel

Two Student Demonstrators Shot to Death in Education Protests in Chile

The two young men, ages 24 and 18, were shot by a 22-year-old resident angry at them for allegedly posting propaganda on his property. Chilean officials promised justice for the victims.
Nicolás Ríos

Chile's Bachelet 'Redirects Attention' From Corruption Scandals With Call For a New Constitution

A new constitution would do away with the current charter established in 1980 under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. But is Michelle Bachelet just deflecting mounting corruption allegations?
Nicolás Ríos

Peru and Chile's Maritime Rivalry Triggers Diplomatic Crisis Over Alleged Espionage

The government of Peru lodged an official complaint after it emerged that Peru's military courts had detained two Peruvian naval officers accused of selling information to Chile.
Alex Pashley

Conservative Chile Moves to Legalize Abortion and Same-Sex Civil Unions

President Michelle Bachelet has enough votes in Congress to pass the changes, despite opposition from defenders of the Pinochet-era laws. Bachelet has promised to eventually legalize full gay marriage.
Nicolás Ríos

Detainees Claim Mexican Police Threatened to 'Disappear' Them Like the Ayotzinapa Students

Mexican judicial police are accused of beating and threatening 11 people who were held for 9 days after the chaotic evacuation of a protest at the Zocalo in Mexico City.
Andalusia Knoll