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Happy Space Thanksgiving: How the Food-Stuffed Holiday Went Orbital

“Just as on Earth, our feelings about Thanksgiving in space weren’t determined by the quality or the appearance of the meal—but by the people we shared it with.”


​The Game Theory of Thanksgiving

Gratitude can unleash epidemics of altruism. Watch out, or you might be the next to get infected...with NICENESS!


How to Protect the Internet

What normal people can do to stop the concerted effort by Republicans and big telecom to destroy the open internet.


The Vaccine Hunter: Nelson Michael Is Working to End Humanity’s Worst Diseases

From Ebola, to Zika, to HIV, Dr. Nelson Michael isn’t afraid of a challenge.


The Spectre of Brexit Is a Real Drag on British Startups

Seven months on, entrepreneurs in Britain are worried the foreign workers powering the Silicon Roundabout will disappear.


Meet the Robot That Will Be Bagging Your Groceries

Ocado’s new soft robotic hand can pick up a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without damaging them.


People Really Need to Know When They're Being Experimented On

Medical historian Alice Dreger argues against a worrying trend of researchers conducting clinical trials without fully informing the participants.


Notorious Hacker Phineas Fisher: I'm Alive and Well

The famed career of political hacker Phineas Fisher might have come to an end.


Give a High Five to This Robotic Arm Made of Balloons

At less than three pounds and up to 65 feet long, the snakelike Giacometti Arm can be transported almost anywhere.


The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Being Led by Farmers

Farmers are pushing back against legislation that prevents them from fixing their own equipment. If successful, it will be a huge victory for consumers.


Today a Guy Carrying a Sack of Sloth Teeth Sat Next to Me

Who is he, what is he doing here, and why the teeth?


Trump’s FCC May Let ISPs Sell Your Private Data Without Your Consent

ISPs like Comcast and AT&T want Republicans to roll back FCC “opt-in” data privacy protections.