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Authorities confirm one of El Chapo's sons has been kidnapped

The event has sparked fears of a violent backlash in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta where Jesús Alfredo Guzmán was abducted from a swanky restaurant with five other men.
Duncan Tucker

Pope Francis Tells Mexican Priests Not to Resign Themselves to the Drug Wars

The Pope was speaking in the beleaguered state of Michoacán where a military-led offensive nearly a decade ago kicked off Mexico’s bloody drug wars. At least 28 priests have been killed since then.
Alan Hernandez
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Sex, Snacks, and Soccer: How Mexican Drug Lords End Up Captured

El Chapo's now famous mobile conversations with actress Kate del Castillo while he was Mexico's most wanted fugitive are just one of many examples of seeming carelessness that has brought down capos who are supposed to be experts in security.
Andrea Noel

Mexico Arrests Alleged Drug Kingpin While He Was Getting Drunk and Playing Soccer

Mexican authorities say Ivan Cazarín Molina, who allegedly held the Number Two position within the New Generation Jalisco Cartel, was "probably" responsible for the shooting down of an army helicopter in May.
Jo Tuckman

Tequila Is Being Distilled in the Shadow of Organized Crime

The number of kidnappings and extortions has reportedly gone down in recent years, but there are now signs of cartels laundering their profits through tequila brands.
Duncan Tucker
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Mexico Busted an Alleged Drug Cartel Boss While He Was on a Pleasure Cruise

Daniel Quintero Riestra captured near Cancún, over 1,000 miles from the city of Guadalajara where he allegedly headed operations for The New Generation Jalisco Cartel.
Jo Tuckman