Niagara Falls


Meet the Woman Planning to Hang by Her Teeth over Niagara Falls

Erendira Vasquez Wallenda has planned the feat for June 15.


Couple Faces $1 Million Fine, Jail Time for Smuggling Highly Powerful Opioid

The couple claimed they were sending "cinnamon butter" home and blamed their son.


This 3D Transportation System Will Probably Change The World

Shweeb-Can's SkySMART seeks to soar over Niagara Falls by 2016.


Chasing Niagara Falls in a Kayak

Five years ago, pro kayaker Rafa Ortiz set out to paddle Niagara Falls. In doing so, he and his crew would definitely be breaking the law, and someone stood a good chance of dying.


Meet the 20-Year-Old Producer from Niagara Falls Dubbed the “Female Gesaffelstein”

The rising Canadian techno star and mau5trap artist is on to something.


No One Knows What This Australian Rugby Player Is Saying

Even YouTube subtitles don't know what Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins was trying to say after his team lost.


Will Gadd Climbed Niagara Falls, Now He's Tackling Climate Change

We sat down with the real life action hero to talk about his experience climbing the world's most famous waterfall and climate change.


Marineland Is a Hellhole

We always knew that the Canadian side of Niagara Falls was a trashy craphole, but the local sea creature-based amusement park, Marineland, just might be the most hellish attraction in all of Ontario.