Nice as fuck


Robert Christgau Takes on Mitski's Disquieting Angst

The Dean of American Rock Critics reviews Mitski's 'Be the Cowboy,' Soccer Mommy's 'Clean,' Adrianne Lenker's 'Abysskiss,' and Nice As Fuck's self-titled effort.


Peering into the Abyss with Ryan Adams

We join the newly-divorced singer in LA to dissect his 16th LP 'Prisoner,' but wind up discussing loneliness, black holes, Taylor Swift, and everything in-between.


Nice as F**k Will Make You Get Off Your Ass and Do Something

Jenny Lewis, Tennessee Thomas, and Erika Spring formed a band out of the friendship, and in doing so realized the power of community giving a damn.


Holy Shit Yes! It's Nice As Fuck's Video for "Door"

Jenny Lewis, Erika Forster, and Tennessee Thomas premiere their first video and it's set in Thomas's East Village HQ, The Deep End Club, where the scheming began…