Northern Ireland


With Abortion Now Legal in Ireland, What Happens for the North?

As the dust settles from Ireland's momentous decision to legalize abortion, many in Northern Ireland—where it is still criminalized—believe it is their turn to follow suit. But much needs to happen before Northern Irish women achieve reproductive rights.
Roisin Lanigan
reproductive rights

On Board the Controversial Bus Giving Out Illegal Abortion Pills in Northern Ireland

Northern Irish pro-choice activists are mobilizing in the wake of Ireland's decision to repeal the Eighth Amendment. We join protesters handing out abortion pills in one of the most anti-choice nations in Europe.
Norma Costello

Crisis Pregnancy Center Tells Other Fake Clinics to Burn Baby Powder Candles

In a Facebook post, Stanton Healthcare Belfast praised the baby powder-scented Yankee Candle: "It just smells like a newborn baby."
Zing Tsjeng

Game of Thrones' Greatest Moments Are Tangled in This Tapestry

Ireland's tourism board commissioned a massive tapestry that details every episode of the series.
Beckett Mufson

Northern Irish Women Won Access to Free Abortions, But What Comes Next?

After decades of campaigning, abortion activists finally secured a major victory—granting Northern Irish women access to free abortions in mainland Britain. But more clarity is needed on how it will work in practice.
Sirin Kale
Impact Equality

UK Activists Rise up as Anti-LGBTQ Politicians Gain Power

After Theresa May's snap election failure, an anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, anti-many-human-rights party holds the balance of power in the UK and, unsurprisingly, LGBTQ activists are having none of it.​
Alice Rowsome

Theresa May Cut a Deal with an Anti-Abortion, Anti-Gay Marriage Party

Thanks to the shock UK election results, the Conservatives don't have a ruling majority in Parliament. So they've made a pact with the Devil.
Sirin Kale and Zing Tsjeng

What Might Happen to Belfast's DIY Music Scene After Brexit?

From Girls Names and Fears to venue owners, we caught up with some of the people mulling over creative life in Northern Ireland post-triggering Article 50.
Noisey UK Staff

The Hit List: Who We Should Protest Next

Imagine the change we could bring if we concentrated efforts on the people and organisations whose minds might actually be changed by smart, focused activism.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Cheap Pints and Sanctuary in the UK's 'Most Remote' Gay Bar

We went for a night out in Central Bar, an LGBT venue in Strabane, Northern Ireland.
Michael Segalov
Northern Ireland

On the Campaign Trail with the Young People Battling Over Northern Ireland's Future

Ahead of today's Assembly election, we spent the day with youth members of Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionist Party.

Northern Ireland's DIY Art Bill Nye Makes Rockets Out of Plants

Paddy Bloomer makes noisy interactive works for festivals and public spaces.
Andrew Salomone