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Foie Gras Finds the Beauty of Suffering in "Devotee"

Watch the dreamy, purpled new video from the Bay Area-turned-Seattle drone folk muse.


Night Profound's 'Invocatio Lux, Evocatio Nox​' Offers Calm and Reflection During the Darkest Night

Stream the Canadian neofolk duo's melancholy, magisterial, and utterly lovely Not Just Religious Music debut.


King Dude Is About to Drop the Sexiest Album of 2016

Stream the Luciferian dark folk master's new album, 'Sex,' and get ready to die at 69 with the Beezlebub of Jerusalem.


King Dude Makes a "Deal With the Devil" in This Creepy New Horror Flick

The film is set to the haunting tones of one of King Dude's best-loved ballads, "Deal With the Devil," and follows a story of love, revenge, and the devil.