Oath Keepers


Why the Republican Convention Could Get Dangerous

Angry protesters encamped together, armed fringe groups, militarized police, and a presidential candidate known for inflammatory rhetoric—what could go wrong?


Kim Davis Turned Down the Oath Keepers' Offer of Armed Security

They'll have to find a different anti-gay martyr to protect.


One of the Militia Groups That Helped Cliven Bundy Is Now Helping Oregon Gold Miners

The Oath Keepers were part of an armed confrontation with the federal government last April in Nevada — and now they're gathering around an Oregon mine facing possible eviction.


New York Sheriff Tells Oath Keepers to Violate Gun Law, Throw Renewal Permit Apps 'In the Garbage'

Fulton County Sheriff Thomas Lorey told a gathering of Oath Keepers to violate the state’s gun law and refuse to renew their handgun permits.


The ​Leader of Oath Keepers Says the Right-Wing Group Is in Ferguson to 'Protect the Weak'

Billing themselves as volunteer security for local businesses and residents, the watch group took to the rooftops in Missouri, apparently to the surprise of some residents.


The Bundy Ranch Standoff Was Only the Beginning for America's Right-Wing Militias

An armed showdown in the desert became a proxy war between the paranoid right and the federal government.