Otto Perez Molina


A notorious Guatemalan prison 'king' was killed during a bloody riot

Byron Lima was convicted in 2001 for the murder of a prominent Catholic bishop three years before. While incarcerated he controlled drugs and the black market economy behind bars, allegedly with the support of the country's now disgraced ex-president.


New Charges: Guatemala's Imprisoned Ex-President Allegedly Received Millions in Bribes

Otto Perez Molina resigned from the presidency in September because of a massive customs scam. He is now back in court accused of dirty deals behind a major construction project involving a Spanish firm.


Guatemala Opens Corruption Probe Into Ex-Vice President's 'Magic Solution' for Pollution

Roxana Baldetti promised to solve the long-standing pollution problems of Lake Amatitlán with a mysterious chemical purchased for millions of dollars that turned out to be seawater.


A Landmark Trial Seeks Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence From Guatemala's Civil War

The trial of two former soldiers is based on the testimony of indigenous women who say they were forced to visit a military base in “shifts” where they cooked, cleaned, and were regularly gang raped.


From Comic to President Under Pressure — Jimmy Morales Takes Office in Guatemala

Morales won a landslide victory in elections last October thanks to his image as an outsider, but now a major new judicial effort to prosecute war crimes from the 1980s has highlighted his links to former military officers accused of atrocities.


Guatemala Arrests 14 Retired Military Officers for Civil War Atrocities

Guatemala’s Attorney General Thelma Aldana said the arrests are related to massacres and forced disappearances in the 1980s during the height of the country's civil war that killed nearly 250,000 people.


The Year Latin Americans Got Angry About Corruption

Latin Americans took to the streets during 2015 to protest against a flurry of staggering corruption scandals across the region. But while they won some battles, it is still far from clear if they can win the war.


Former Comedian Wins Guatemala's Presidential Election

Jimmy Morales wins by a huge margin after running as an anti-corruption crusader, though some question whether he is really the political outsider he claims to be.


US Indictment of Powerful Honduran Family for Money Laundering a ‘Game Changer’

Indictment of Rosenthal family members sends message to Honduran elite that the days of de facto immunity may be over.


Rescuers Hunt for Survivors as Death Toll Climbs to 48 in Massive Guatemala Landslide

Hundreds of people are still missing after tons of earth, rock, and trees cascaded down from a hillside onto homes southeast of Guatemala City.


Jailed Former President of Guatemala Wants a TV

A month after being sent to jail accused of heading major corruption racket, Otto Pérez Molina asks for luxuries to alleviate boredem.


Commission That Toppled Guatemala President to Be Replicated in Honduras

After a UN-backed commission revealed evidence that forced Guatemala's president to resign, Honduran President Juan Hernandez said he's requested a similar body at home, amid protests against his government.