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The man who led the Brexit campaign is now Britain's chief diplomat

Former mayor of London Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has a reputation for gaffes and controversy, and had just been kicked out of the race to lead the Tories.
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Nigeria Strikes Back Against 'Avengers' Group That Has Been Terrorizing Oil Companies

The Niger Delta Avengers are a new militant group that has claimed responsibility for a recent wave of attacks on pipelines in Nigeria's oil-rich south.
VICE News and Reuters
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US and Russia Agree to a 'Cessation of Hostilities' and More Humanitarian Aid in Syria

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that a halt in fighting should take place in a week — but the deal doesn't involve the Islamic State.
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Russian Bombs Killed 'at Least Three Children a Day' Last Month in Syria

Activists have documented the killing of at least 679 civilians by Russian airstrikes in January, out of at least 1,382 civilians killed in total.
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Turkey Says Russia Violated Its Airspace and Is Escalating Syria's Crisis

Meanwhile, Britain’s foreign minister Philip Hammond has said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can remain in power until the war is over.

John Kerry Says Assad 'Has to Go' — But Only Through Negotiation

The top US diplomat called on Russia and Iran to use their influence over Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to convince him to negotiate a political transition.
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Canada and Iran Still Aren't Friends — Even as Tehran Buddies Up to the West

The UK reopened its embassy in Tehran on Sunday. But Canada remains decidedly cool to the warming of relations between Western powers and Iran.
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'This Is the Jungle': Calais Migrant Camp Now Includes a Church, a School, and a Nightclub

VICE News visited the Jungle camp in Calais and witnessed the fast developing infrastructure — including restaurants, shops, a church, a school, and a nightclub that blasts out loud music.
Sally Hayden

The UK Response to the Migrant Crisis (Extra Scene from 'The UK’s Fight Against The Islamic State')

In this extra scene, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond opens up to VICE News about the UK's response to the migrant crisis and the methods being mooted by the EU to halt it.
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A Year On From the Caliphate: The UK's Fight Against the Islamic State

VICE News meets UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to discuss the country's contribution to the fight against the Islamic State.
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Newly Discovered Video Allegedly ‘Exposes Assad's Lies on Barrel Bombs’

The cell phone footage uncovered from the scene of a helicopter crash shows government forces filming themselves as they drop two of the banned weapons over the northern part of the country.
Kayla Ruble
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It Could Take Two Years to Defeat the Islamic State, Says UK Foreign Secretary

Despite significant coalition gains, Philip Hammond says the Iraqi army is still not ready to push out the militant group.
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