Italian Far-Right Strongman Matteo Salvini’s Bid to Be Prime Minister Has Backfired Spectacularly

Instead of the new elections he wanted, the populist strongman has found himself dumped out of government and facing plummeting poll ratings.


Denmark’s Elections Show How Much Europe Is Normalizing Anti-Immigrant Politics

“If politics becomes a competition about who can talk the toughest about refugees and minorities, the radical right will always win”​


Joe Biden Plans “Progressive” Trade Rollout to Attack Trump on Tariffs

The former vice president is under attack on trade from two trade populists: President Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders


Italy’s vaccine-skeptic government just sacked every expert on the country's top medical panel

The health minister said she has "chosen to open the door to other deserving personalities.”


Steve Bannon's plot to disrupt Europe sounds pretty thin

“That’s why we say it’s just a club with four or five principles.”


Sweden's anti-immigrant party just took its biggest ever share of the vote

"If populists can get 17-18 percent in Sweden then they can pretty much get it anywhere.”


It's been hot as hell in Sweden — and that may have slowed the far-right’s surge

“In political discussions, the debate has shifted from immigration and crime to be more focused on climate.”


Steve Bannon wants to elect little Trumps all over Europe

“You’re going to have individual nation states with their own identities, their own borders.”


American populists are desperate to spring British far-right activist Tommy Robinson out of jail

“Tommy Robinson … has acted as a lightning rod for an international coterie of far-right, anti-Muslim activists and extremists.”


It’s No Accident Americans Are Still Broke in a Booming Economy

A new study shows exactly how badly you're getting screwed, and why.


Colombia's new right-wing president could destroy the fragile peace process

His stated aim to rewrite terms of the FARC peace deal may drive some former militants to take up arms again.


Doug Ford Isn't Canada's Version of Trump

Ford has lots in common with the president, but this isn’t Trumpian-populism. This is entirely a made-in-Canada production.