portrait photography


Out on the Range with a Real, Live Marlboro Man

Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul traveled to Arizona and stumbled upon an iconic stunt riding cowboy.


Glamor Shots Get Gleefully Weird in Parker Day's Photographs

In her new series of portraits, photographer Parker Day creates abstracted identities for her models and we can’t look away.


Portraits of Australia’s African Migrants

Atong Atem's portrait photography explores the complicated sense of identity migrants often have, the idea of feeling suspended between two worlds and never fully belonging to either.


What You Learn When You Ask Queens Why They Do Drag

For over a decade British photographer Magnus Hastings has been shooting the some of the biggest drag queens and asking them one question: Why drag?


How One Photographer Captured the Changing Face of Immigration in His Hometown

He picked up his camera and started taking photos of the people who've made Sheffield their new home each year since 1945.


Photos of the Rainbow Moustaches and Spiked Leotards of London's Drag Queens

Meet Damien Frost, the photographer who documented Soho's drag scene by shooting one beautiful portrait per night, on the streets.


From Neil Young to Roger Federer, Photographer Christopher Wahl Has Shot Them All

We got Wahl to spill the behind-the-scenes stories on his iconic portraits.


Devon Little's Intimate Polaroid Portraits of Musicians

Devon Little is documenting the city's sonic innovators one Polaroid at a time.


Trials and Tribulations of a Portrait Photographer

In 1978 I was working at a portrait studio in a mall in Orange County and living with my soon-to-be ex-wife. She had given me the green light to sleep around, but I was still miserable.


Chiggers and Salvation Somewhere in Alabama

My body was infested with chiggers and I had just pissed myself when I decided to get baptized.