Mexico's president may have been bluffing about his support for weed decriminalization

President Enrique Peña Nieto told the United Nations in April that he supported a “change of paradigm” in weed laws. He backed this with a proposal to the senate that his own, normally very disciplined, party has now blocked.


Life After Death in Juarez: Soccer Returns to a City Damaged by Narco Violence

Several years ago, economic and safety concerns doomed Ciudad Juárez's soccer team Los Indios. Now Juárez, once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, has a new team and renewed hope.


Mexico's Ruling Party Cries 'Witch Hunt' at Landmark Anti-Corruption Bill

The proposal aims to tackle the multitude of corruption scandals swirling around Mexico’s politicians by requiring public officials to upload documentary explanations of their assets, tax returns, and potential conflicts of interests.


A Hacker Said He Rigged the 2012 Mexican Election, and It May Still Be Happening Today

The campaign manager for the opposition party in the 2012 Mexican election told VICE News that they knew they were being spied on, and believe it continues to this day.


Drug Cartels Are Taking Over the Tortilla Business in Mexico

The tortilla industry in the beleaguered state of Guerrero is under attack from local cartels that are kidnapping and killing business owners and workers, as well as using tortilla shops as drug distribution points and lookout posts.


Spain’s Arrest of an Allegedly Corrupt Mexican Governor Highlights Impunity in Mexico

Humberto Moreira is due to appear in a Madrid court on Friday following his arrest in an investigation into money laundering that reportedly also includes evidence that he was working for the Zetas cartel.


How Kate Del Castillo Became the Rebel Celebrity Who Took Sean Penn to ‘Chapo’

The interview orchestrated by the Mexican actress raises tough questions for her career, her new tequila brand, and the whole business of narco pop media at large.


Mexico’s First Independent State Deputy Tries to Stay Different

The idealistic 25-year-old college graduate Pedro Kumamoto challenges the corrupt and jaded image of Mexican politicians. Now he’s under pressure to prove he can stay real.


Mexico's President Has Dug Himself Into a Hole — And It's Going to Be Hard to Climb Back Out

He arrived in 2012 with promises of "Saving Mexico," but ever since, Peña Nieto has dropped in the polls and responded poorly to a string of embarrassing scandals.


Mexico's Crime Prevention Point Man Is Wanted by the Law

The Green Party's Arturo Escobar was already a controversial appointment thanks to a long-dubious reputation, but now prosecutors are seeking his arrest for vote buying as well.


Former Governor Shot in Mexican State Where Politicians Keep Dying

Fernando Moreno recovering from six bullet wounds, five years after another former governor was assassinated, and a decade since a sitting governor died in a mysterious plane crash.


El Bronco vs. AMLO: The Fight Is On For Mexico’s Presidential Protest Vote

El Bronco, the country's first independent governor, takes office in Nuevo Leon and amid barbs with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador — a hint of both men's anti-system presidential aspirations ahead of 2018 election.