quantum computers

Inside the Government’s ‘Quantum Computing Summer School’

An entirely new type of computer will change the way science is done, and could break traditional types of encryption.
Sarah Scoles

The Most Precise Atomic Clock Ever Could Change Our Understanding of Physics

Scientists have created a quantum logic clock more accurate than any clock ever made.
Madeleine Gregory

Physicists Created Quantum Structures That May Have Birthed Dark Matter

Some cosmologists have predicted the existence of “walls bounded by strings” in the aftermath of the Big Bang, and now a team of physicists have created these quantum structures on Earth for the first time.
Daniel Oberhaus
quantum radar

A ‘Quantum Radar’ System Will Watch for Stealth Aircraft and Missiles in the Arctic

Canada is investing $2.7 million to develop quantum radar technology.
Kate Lunau

This Physicist Turned Time Crystals From a Theoretical Oddity to an Odd Reality

Last year, scientists created a time crystal for the first time in a lab. It wouldn’t have been possible without the theories of Chetan Nayak.
Daniel Oberhaus
quantum internet

Researchers Created the First Hybrid Link for a Quantum Internet

Figuring out how to route information between two different types of quantum nodes has been a significant technical barrier to the quantum net.
Daniel Oberhaus
quantum computing

Rare-Earth Nanocrystals May Be a Key Component of Building the Quantum Internet

Caltech physicists offer a crucial new technology in quantum computing.
Michael Byrne

Researchers Found Evidence for a Particle That’s Its Own Antiparticle

“This discovery concludes one of the most intensive searches in fundamental physics, which spanned exactly 80 years."
Daniel Oberhaus
quantum encryption

China’s Quantum Satellite Sent Entangled Photons to Earth for the First Time

We could be just five years away from a space-based quantum communication network.
Daniel Oberhaus
The Shadow Brokers

This Is How the NSA Infiltrated a Huge Banking Network in the Middle East

The NSA hacking tools dumped by The Shadow Brokers show how the spy agency broke into the major Dubai-based EastNets system.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
motherboard show

Quantum Leap: Researchers Send Information Using a Single Particle of Light

This could pave the way for quantum computer circuits where electron qubits exchange information via photons.
Daniel Oberhaus

New Distance Record Offers Preview of Everyday Quantum Encryption

404 kilometers.
Michael Byrne