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'F1 2019' Knows That Good Fights Make the Best Racing

Ruthless AI and a fascinating car simulation have made Codemasters' F1 series into an essential racing game.
Rob Zacny
grip: combat racing

‘Grip: Combat Racing’ Evokes Offworld Fantasy and Sci-Fi Wanderlust

The new racing game brought me right back to the wild planets and sci-fi cityscapes of the Nintendo 64 heyday.
Danielle Riendeau
F1 2018

'F1 2018' Is a Great Sports Role-Playing Game About Calculated Risk

Learning what it takes to succeed in the most demanding motorsport in the world.
Rob Zacny
open thread

OnRush is Letting Me Relive my Glory Days as a Racer

Codemasters' unconventional racer is fresh, fast, and unexpectedly resonant.
Danielle Riendeau
Burnout Paradise Remastered

The Value of 'Burnout Paradise Remastered' Is That It Feels Alive Again

It's a marginal improvement, but it's got one thing the original no longer does: lots of people playing it.
Rob Zacny
open thread

I Miss How Weird Games Used to Be

The best part of retro games is how different they are from each other.
Austin Walker
free play

Smash Every Car in Sight in this Excellent Car Survival Game

'Last Car Standing' wants you to survive the most brutal racetrack of all.
Cameron Kunzelman
Guide To Games

One of Sega's Weirdest Games, 'Crazy Taxi,' Still Holds Up

Sega's late 90s arcade driving game is still worth all the quarters.
Danielle Riendeau
Micro Machines

'Micro Machines' Has a Mean Learning Curve, But It's Still Grabbing Me

I love the way 'Micro Machines: World Series' Plays, but I can't seem to, well, win.
Danielle Riendeau
Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport Finally Gets a Release Date, But Has to Play Catch-Up

PlayStation's flagship racing game finally starts its engine.
Rob Zacny
open thread

How In-Game Report Cards Ruin Games, and (Probably) Lives

In games with a million fun things to do, why encourage players to fixate on the stuff they hate?
Rob Zacny
E3 2017

'The Crew 2' Better Not Break My Heart

'The Crew' was built with such promise, but failed to bring the road trip vibe to life.
Janine Hawkins