Raw milk


The Last Bite: Lancashire’s Only Surviving Raw Milk Cheesemakers

Most of the cheese sold in the UK is single curd but Mrs Kirkham’s make double curd: a blend of young “alive” curds and two-day old richer, nuttier curds. Combining the two matures the cheese and deepens the flavour.


Florida Is Being Sued for Labeling Skim Milk as 'Imitation Milk'

A small family dairy farm specializing in additive-free grass fed milk is suing the state of Florida for requiring them to label their skim milk as "imitation milk."


British Dairy Farmers Are Starting a Raw Cheese Revolution

Suffolk’s dairy farmers are making specialist cheeses—including the UK’s first raw brie—rather than remain trapped in supermarket pricing wars that see milk sold for less than bottled water.


You Can Finally Get the Bad Boy of Cheese in Australia

At long last, Australia is finally opening up its heart to raw-milk cheese. And don't worry—it's safer than ever.


This Is What Happens When an American Makes a Traditional English Blue Cheese

A victim of industrialization and pasteurization, Stilton is no longer the amazing blue cheese it once was. Luckily, however, an American and a Brit got together and decided to revive this traditional cheese, and the Stichelton was born.


Breast Milk Is the Blueprint for a New Cow Milk

a2 Milk from New Zealand contains a protein that the company says is easier to digest. They're calling it “the milk that might change everything.”


French Retirees Have Contributed to a Foodborne Illness Crisis

If there’s anything the French love more than taking to the streets in protest, it’s retiring, which citizens aged 62 years and older do with gusto. But their departure from the workforce is leaving the food safety sector particularly vulnerable.


Getting Real About the Fear Behind Raw Milk

Lately, there's a rising fear in food—people have developed a strange aversion to anything that isn't shrink-wrapped with a barcode on it. But when the issue behind raw milk bubbles to the surface, the cheese world is swimming in a sea of it. Here's...


The Cheese Mob Keeps Parmigiano-Reggiano in the Bank

Parmesan cheese, or Parmigiano-Reggiano, is money. It gets branded like a tattoo and sent directly off Parmigiano banks. But behind the dank flavor, this complicated wheel of enzymes and curds has an insane history guarded by a fiercely protective...


Girl Eats Food: Ooh Baby, I like It Raw (Milk)

I hang out with dairy farmer Stephen Hook and his really chill cows to learn about unpasteurized milk, which can treat everything from eczema to asthma—and maybe even my lactose intolerance. Oh, and I also make some breast milk ice cream.


Amish Farmers Are Milking Camels for Your Health

We might a fraught relationship with raw milk in the US, but in the Middle East raw camels milk is a substance so prized that it's saved it for special occasions. Meet the man bringing the stuff to the US market via a network of Amish farmers.


Why New York's Failed Soda Ban Matters

There are plenty of reasons to object to the soda ban that was recently overturned by a judge, and most have nothing to do with carbonated beverages—it's just another part of the government’s effort to police our bodies and place routine activities...