Impact Work

France is Transforming Old Manufacturing Towns Into Eco-Friendly Cities

After decades of industrial decline, France's northern rust belt took drastic measures to lead the country's economic and sustainable innovation.
Alexis Chemblette

100 Percent Clean Energy Works for These Three Cities, and For All

Chicago, Portland, and Atlanta showed how the path to 100 percent renewable energy can happen all across the US.
Michael Brune
Impact Climate

A Deadly Heatwave Turned Chicago Into the Country’s Green Roof Capital

The Windy City used over five million acres of roof space to go green.
Meg Charlton

Coal Workers Can Expect a Pay Bump by Getting a Job in Solar Energy

Fossil fuel workers can prosper in the clean energy revolution if politics don't get in the way.
Kastalia Medrano

New York City's L Train Shutdown Could Be A Good Thing

BK City Council Member Rafael Espinal and local groups are driving a grassroots effort towards finding an environmental solution to a transportation quandary.
Aaron Barksdale

State Legislators Are Punishing Drivers Switching to Electric Cars

EV Fees could curb the country's gradual switch to cleaner cars.
Gina Coplon-Newfield and Maggie Newsham
Impact Water

This Desert City Wants to Be an Oasis of Water Conservation

Tucson, Arizona has added almost a quarter-million residents without using a drop more of water. Here’s how they did it.
Meg Charlton
Call To Action

Tell Your Mayor to Support 100 Percent Clean Energy

Mayors and #ReadyFor100 are doubling down on clean energy nationwide.
Impact Staff

Has Your Mayor Committed Your City to 100 Percent Clean Energy Yet?

"Committing to 100 percent renewable energy will make cities and towns healthier and stronger today and in the future."
Jodie Van Horn
Cities of Tomorrow

No Time to Waste: Diverse Problems, New Climate Solutions

From water conservation in Tucson to green roof initiatives in Chicago.
Meg Charlton
Cities of Tomorrow

No Time to Waste: How American Cities are Combatting Climate Change

Local governments are leading the way to make their cities cooler, smarter, and more sustainable.
Meg Charlton