• 7.28.15

      Vlogger Starts World War III (Sort Of)

      The YouTuber behind the science channel Veritasium got to pretend to blow up the world at a decommissioned nuclear launch site in Arizona.

    • 7.10.15

      'The Wolfpack' Brothers Show Us How to Reenact Our Favorite Films

      Brothers Mukunda and Narayana Angulo of 'The Wolfpack' made their own Pulp Fiction and Dark Knight reenactments with cereal boxes, cardboard, paper, tape, and the occasional yoga mat.

    • 2.24.14

      Mossless in America: Eva O'Leary and Harry Griffin

      Eva and Harry are photographers who work together. Last year they funded a project titled 'Devil's Den' using Kickstarter. For the project, they photographed re-enactors, spectators, and the whole scene altogether at the 150th Anniversary of the battle...

    • 11.22.13

      Chris Nieratko’s Lost JFK Assassination Reenactment

      On my wedding day I rented a 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible with suicide doors much like the one JFK was killed in. My wife, being the beacon of tolerance and patience that she is, agreed to reenact the assassination for our wedding video.

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