How to Deal with Your Shitty Landlord

More people are renting now than ever. It's important to know your rights.
Caroline Thompson
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Neo-Nazis Can't Find Airbnbs for Their Massive Rally

The company has shut down accounts belonging to some members of the alt-right ahead of a major nationalist protest in Virginia.
Drew Schwartz
Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week

Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week: The Ceiling of This Apartment in Leslieville

Definitive photographic proof that Toronto landlords are just trolling us at this point.
Allison Tierney
Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week

Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week: An $850 Per Month Closet

Hey, there's a mirror and a place to hang your clothes.
Allison Tierney
Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week

Toronto Rental Opportunity of the Week: Live in the Back of This SUV!

The man who is renting this out for $311 a month is the philanthropist this city’s housing crisis needs.
Allison Tierney
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Airbnb Is Politely Asking Its Hosts Not to Be Racist

The company is trying to keep hosts from discriminating against renters by having users agree to a "community commitment," as well as getting rid of profile photos.
VICE Staff

A Guy Who's Been Living Off the Grid for 20 Years Explains How to Live Sustainably

I asked the guy living in Sydney's greenest house whether I'm too poor to live off the grid.
Nat Kassel

Is Technology Really Reducing the Amount of Stuff People Own?

Everyone has lost five tons of junk, but is that because tech is more advanced and people are more eco-conscious, or is it just that generation rent is fucked?
Tom Usher

How Full-Time Airbnb Landlords Are Making London's Housing Crisis Worse

London homeowners renting out their second properties the whole year round aren't just driving up property prices, they're breaking the law.
Corin Faife

Finding a Place to Live in Australia Is So Much Harder When You're Trans

The bigotry and lack of understanding that makes it hard to get a job are the same obstacles that put you last when applying for housing.

Things You Learn When You Become a Dad for the First Time

When you're part of a generation of questionably dressed, overdraft-plundering adult babies, it's hard to believe you'll ever be able to grow up enough to be a dad.
Priya Elan