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Cyclist Deaths Are Exploding Because U.S. Cities Are Car-Friendly Death Traps

Bike-related fatalities are up 25 percent across the U.S. since 2010.


Cyclists Hate Scooters, So Amsterdam Is Banning Them From Bike Lanes

Amsterdam says scooters are causing too many accidents.


A Motorcycle Helmet Will Call an Ambulance and Text Your Family If You Have an Accident

Many people in Pakistan drive motorcycles. An Islamabad startup hopes their helmet will keep them safe.


New York Wants Cops to Use ‘Textalyzers’ to Scan Your Phone After a Car Accident

Cellebrite is developing mysterious new tech that would let police see if you were using your phone while driving.


These Mexico City Drivers Are Pretty Pissed Off Over Some New Road Safety Rules

New prohibitions and increased fines are viewed by some of the capital's drivers as exaggerated, as well as likely to mean more demands for bribes from police officers.


The Sad Futility of Trying to Prevent Planes From Crashing

You can't design every single possible death out of a system, as Germanwings flight 4U9525 showed.