Two Recently Captured Prisoners Told Us Why They Joined ISIS

The world wants to wash its hands of the people who have escaped the Islamic State.
Matt Broomfield
The Holy Cow Issue

Inside the Devastation of Northern Syria

Despite ongoing attacks by ISIS and threats from President Bashar al-Assad, as many as 100,000 Kurdish Syrian civilians have returned to Rojava.
Giacomo Sini
middle east

The Kurds Are Planning to Declare Their Own Autonomous Region in Syria

The Kurds have asserted de-facto control of a large swath of northern Syria amid the civil war — now they are poised to formally declare their own federal system.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
defense & security

Here's Why Shutting the Turkish Border With the Islamic State Is Easier Said Than Done

President Obama wants Turkey to seal its border with the Islamic State, but completely sealing a border is difficult and shutting down smuggling networks is going to be even harder.
Ryan Faith
defense & security

Why The Hell Did Turkey Shoot Down a Russian Fighter Jet?

The Turkish Air Force just shot down a Russian fighter jet. Syria is such a big mess that, its a wonder this hasn't happened sooner; now there's no telling what comes next.
Ryan Faith
war and conflict

Meet One of the French Volunteers Fighting Against the Islamic State in Syria

We spoke with young Frenchman fighting for Kurdish YPG forces in northern Syria about the Paris attacks, Westerners on the battlefield, and the current offensive against the Islamic State.
Thomas Laurent

We Spoke to the Former Model Who Joined the Kurdish Fight Against ISIS

Hanna Bohman, a.k.a. Tiger Sun, returned to the war recently, saying she couldn't imagine returning to her real job.
Triska Hamid
middle east

Kobane's Kurdish Heroes Are Looking for Political Payback from the West

A bulwark against the Islamic State, the Kurds are seizing the moment to seek support for their cause. VICE News met Sinam Mohamad, co-leader of the coalition governing Syrian Kurdistan, on a visit to the US.
Reese Erlich

PKK Youth: Fighting for Kurdish Neighborhoods

VICE News gained access to the PKK youth wing (YDG-H) in Cizre, Turkey, as they battle to defend their neighborhoods from Turkish security forces.

London’s Kurds Marched to Convince the World to Save Their Homeland from the Islamic State

The demonstrators were furious that the international community has so far seemed unconcerned with the fate of their people.
Philip Kleinfeld

Rojava: Syria's Unknown War

In September of 2013, VICE News crossed the border into Syria's Kurdish region to document the YPG's counteroffensive against ISIS.

Syria's Christian Minority Are Fighting Back

It’s really a neighborhood watch, albeit with arrest powers and automatic weapons. Its members patrol towns and cities where people—mostly Kurds, but also Christians and Sunni Arabs—are locked in a brutal struggle against Islamist militants.
Balint Szlanko