Ruben Espinosa


Mexico's Media Faced a Record Number of Violent Attacks in 2015

A new report documented nearly 400 violent attacks on media workers in Mexico during 2015, including seven murders. The report blames public officials, as well as drug cartels, for the record number of assaults.


Mexican Journalists Are Still Being Killed Despite Promises of Protection

Up to eight journalists have been killed in Mexico this year, even though the dangers to the local media have been attracting international attention for years and prompted multiple promises from the government to act.


How Veracruz Became the Most Dangerous State in Mexico for Journalists

With hundreds of unsolved disappearances, rampant extortion, frequent kidnappings, and no fewer than 14 journalists killed in the past five years, a climate of fear governs Veracruz.


Reporter Killed in Veracruz Bar Shooting Was About to Start His Own Newspaper

Juan Santos Carrera had only recently left his job as a Veracruz correspondent for the Televisa conglomerate, and was preparing to start his own local newspaper in the state known as the deadliest for reporters in Mexico.


Mexican Governor of Deadliest State for Reporters Will Testify in Photographer Killing

It was the first sign that Javier Duarte might face judicial pressure to answer claims among Veracruz reporters that his administration is responsible for the killings of journalists.


From London to a Football Field, Protests Spread Against 'Genocide in Mexico'

Protests sparked by the killing of a news photographer in Mexico City have spread to London, Madrid, and several Mexican states, as journalists called for an end to violence and censorship against their work.


Small Newspaper in Veracruz Comes Under Attack Days After Photojournalist Massacre

Assailants set three vehicles on fire outside the offices of a newspaper in the city of Poza Rica. The owner of the paper said he trusted Governor Javier Duarte to protect reporters in Mexico's most violent state for the press.


Victim in Photojournalist Killing: ‘If Anything Happens to Me,’ It Was the Veracruz Governor

Nadia Vera, 32, was among five victims killed Friday in Mexico, including photographer Ruben Espinosa. She said in November that Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte would be "responsible" if she suffered any attack.


Women Killed Alongside Mexican Photojournalist Were Tortured and Raped

Three of the four women who were killed along with Ruben Espinosa were assaulted before being shot in the head. Loved ones identified them as friends ranging in ages from 18 to 32, and one 40-year-old house cleaner.


A Photojournalist Fled Veracruz Under Threat, But Murder Found Him in Mexico City

Ruben Espinosa was found on Friday night bound, beaten, and shot, along with four women in a Mexico City apartment. "There is no justice for a single murdered colleague," he said weeks ago of 13 others killed since Javier Duarte became governor.