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Washington Claimed Reuben Foster Because they Can Get Away with It

With Washington claiming Foster—arrested on domestic violence charges last weekend—NFL teams are proving they are as bulletproof as they seem.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Colin Kaepernick Unveils #IMWITHKAP Jersey, With Proceeds Going to Charity

Twenty percent of sales of the new jersey will be donated to Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp, which educates youth about interacting with law enforcement.
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NFL Survey: Majority of White Fans Favored Disciplining Anthem Protests

According to a report in Yahoo, the NFL commissioned a poll on a host of topics, and the results showed a "deep racial" divide across the fanbase.
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O.J. Simpson on Colin Kaepernick Protest: 'He Made a Bad Choice Attacking the Flag'

Thanks for the input, O.J.
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Browns' New RB Carlos Hyde Might Regret 'Cleveland Sports Are Horrible' Tweet

An old tweet from the former San Francisco 49ers running back resurfaced and it probably won't endear him to Cleveland Browns fans.
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Former 49ers CEO Says He Would Bring Jar of Vaseline to Garoppolo Negotiations

Former CEO and President of the San Francisco 49ers Carmen Policy made some inappropriate comments about how the team should handle Garoppolo's free agency.
Liam Daniel Pierce

This Racial Justice Group Declared November 'Athletes and Activism Month' in Solidarity Against Trump's Agenda

Color of Change aims to empower athletes to use their platform to activate a new generation of activists one year after the election.
Jade Magnus Ogunnaike and Enchanta Jackson

49ers Safety Eric Reid Calls VP Mike Pence Out for "PR Stunt"

Vice President Pence left Sunday's Colts game after the national anthem because several 49ers players kneeled during the song. As they have for every game since 2016.
Sean Newell

The Warriors Plan to Sell PSLs at New Stadium, with a Twist

The Golden State Warriors are calling the personal seat licenses for their new privately funded arena "memberships," and after 30 years you'll get your money back.
Aaron Gordon
Colin Kaepernick

Nonprofit Organizes Event to Show Support for Colin Kaepernick at NFL HQ

100 Suits for 100 Men, a nonprofit that helps parolees reenter the workforce is doing a solid for Colin Kaepernick.
Sean Newell
Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick's Former Coaches Love Him, and It Might Not Matter

There's no one answer to why Colin Kaepernick is still looking for work, but it's increasingly clear that the deciding ones don't have much to do with football.
David Roth
Ride Along

Carlos Hyde talks Chip Kelly and Ohio State: Ride Along

We met up with Carlos Hyde in Houston to talk shop at the Super Bowl. The 49ers running back discussed transitioning to the NFL (it's not like what you see on TV) and what he wants to do when he reaches the game's greatest stage.
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