Mark Kozelek Tells a Weird Story on Donny McCaslin's Sharp New Single

The latest single from Grammy-nominated jazz saxophonist McCaslin, who led the band on David Bowie's 'Blackstar,' is a surprisingly seamless collaboration with a monologuing Kozelek.
Alex Robert Ross

The Saxophone’s Unlikely Journey Out of Meme Hell

After decades of mainstream banishment, artists like Kamasi Washington are ushering in a saxophone renaissance.
Jeff Andrews

Vera's "Diamonds" Music Video Turns the Saxophone Into the SEXYphone

The Copenhagen singer and producer returns with a sultry track expressing frustrations about past relationships.
Trey Smith
Internet Exploring

Let's Talk About the Chinese Village That Worships the Sax and Kenny G

A New York Times story explores Sidangkou, the "saxophone capital" of China, and buddy, we're about it.
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Kamasi Washington Shred "Careless Whisper" at the BET Awards

When you have to pay tribute to the smoothness of George Michael, you have to get El DeBarge.
Phil Witmer

Colin Stetson Makes You Forget Everything You Knew About the Saxophone

He's worked with a long list of acts including Bon Iver and Arcade Fire, and he's completely changing the form of modern sax playing.
Jeff Andrews
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Kenny G Plays Solo on Delta Flight, Passengers Have Sax at 30,000 Feet

A video of his semi-spontaneous solo, obtained by TMZ Saturday, forces us to ask: "What is charity?"
Alex Robert Ross

PREMIERE: Experimental Trio Think Tank's 'Lid' Is a Genre-Hopping Free-Form Odyssey

Their trio's latest endeavor is an improvised, multi-genre audio/visual jam that combines 16mm film with 21 minutes of drone, noise, ambient, hardcore, and saxophone.
Kim Kelly

We Got Extra Geeky with the Guy Who Made That 80s Justin Bieber Remix

You're gonna read two nerds talking about smooth jazz and you're going to like it.
Phil Witmer
The Borders Issue

Kamasi Washington's Father Helped Mold Him into a Jazz Master

Kamasi Washington's dad, Rickey, played an essential role in the talented musician's life, challenging and nurturing him so that he could become the man and artist he is today.
Wilbert L. Cooper

Colin Stetson Reimagined a 1976 Polish Symphony as an Electronic Black Metal Opus with Saxophones

Arcade Fire and Bon Iver’s go-to sax machine recreates Henryk Górecki’s Third Symphony for a new generation.
Tom Beedham
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lazyboy Empire's Video for "Vampire" Proves You Can Never Have too Much Sax

Time to get saxy. And BTW—this video has a body count and a whole lotta hip thrusting.
Kim Taylor Bennett