How to Drink Homemade Hooch in the Balkans

On a recent tour of the Balkans, I was pleased to taste some bracing palinka, or homemade Hungarian fruit brandy. I was a little less pleased to try tuica, a Romanian moonshine. And you don't even want to know what's in the poo jacket.
Ilan Ben Zion
British cuisine

How Pickled Herring and Danish Schnapps Have Impacted Fergus Henderson's Approach to Food

Back when I was studying to be an architect, I worked in Copenhagen for a couple of months for a designer who used to send me out on bizarre missions. On one particular mission, I opted for a lunch that changed the way that I think about food, and...
Fergus Henderson

I Fell Under the Drunken Spell of Midsummer's Pagan Magic

The old pagan sun-worshiping festival known as Midsummer is often plagued by bad weather in Sweden, but we make up for it by eating a smorgasbord and drinking enough aquavit to forget the songs we sing dancing around a pole.
Theo Hagman Rogowski
Faroe Islands

This Is What Happens When You're Too Fat to Fly

In the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic, baby fulmar birds float around helplessly until they lose enough weight to fly. For one week a year, Faroese hunt them in their boats, scooping them from the sea.
Elise Coker

The Artful Slaughter Begins with a Rub Behind the Ears

Last weekend, I joined a bunch of chefs in Cornwall, England, at the behest of Tom Adams, Pitt Cue Co.'s owner and Mangalitsa lover to learn how to kill the Rolls Royce of pigs from the Austrian porcine authority, Christoph Wiesner.
Lars Eriksen

The Man Who Brings Ancient Beers to Life

Dr. Patrick McGovern knows everything about the history of beer drinking—apparently fruit flies, owls, and monkeys have been getting tanked for centuries.
Myles Karp