• 8.12.14

      The Five Times I’ve (Literally) Shit My Pants

      At some stage in our development we’ve all shit ourselves. Or at least, I have, and I'm retelling each of those times for your reading pleasure.

    • 10.6.13

      Bol the Acid Tripper

      The first time Bold took acid, he had a bad trip. But by junior year of college, Bol was spending time with a group whose parties could best be described as hippy raves. Over the next few months, Bol underwent a transformation that left him in...

    • 2.22.13

      Jeff Wood Got Shot in the Head and Became Shat

      Shat was apparently a relatively normal dude until he was shot in the head at a party in Hollywood. He managed to survive a bullet to the brain, but post shooting, his brain (which still contains part of the bullet) was completely concerned with sex.