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Last of a Dying Breed: Shaun Livingston Has Never Needed a Three-Point Shot

Even though he's capable of making them, Golden State's reliable backup point guard continues to do his best work inside the arc. Does it matter?


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What Steve Kerr Learned from Getting Punched in the Face by Michael Jordan

When Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr smashed a whiteboard during the NBA Finals, it revealed the "feisty" perfectionism beneath his genial exterior—the same trait that once led to a fight with Chicago Bulls teammate Michael Jordan.


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Watching Shaun Livingston, The Definition of Redefinition

Shaun Livingston once looked like someone who could change the game of basketball. Now he's something more valuable: a player who understands how the game changes.


Shaun Livingston Is Finally Where He Belongs

When his career had barely begun, Shaun Livingston suffered one of the most horrible injuries in NBA history. Nearly a decade later, his career finally feels underway.


Shaun Livingston Wallops Dirk Nowitzki in the Nuts

Dirk Nowitzki took a shot the junk from Shaun Livingston and was none too pleased about it.


Shaun Livingston Called for Traveling, Possibly Being James Brown

Shaun Livingston got called for traveling and the referee did a little shimmy shuffle to demonstrate why she was making the call.