Silicon Divide


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"There’s a culture of creating lists in tech of people who have a unique trait."


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On Equal Pay Day, let’s take stock of the wage gap in STEM fields.


We’re Tracking How We Represent Women With This Gender Equality Tool

Swedish data scientist Max Berggren created a tool to monitor gender inequality in the news, and he’s added Motherboard to the list.


Silicon Valley Girls: Growing Up Female Among the Bay Area's Elite

As young women growing up in Silicon Valley, my classmates and I never struggled with discrimination. Our privileged upbringing shielded us from inequality.


Why Do Dildo Boxes Have Naked Women on Them? Because Men

Brooklyn-based startup Dame Products is changing the sex toy game with products designed by women.


What Numbers Can—And Can't—Tell Us About Gender In Tech

A new analysis of investment data by CrunchBase finds an interesting path toward gender equality in tech, but questions remain.


Why Does Silicon Valley Want to Get So Many Women Pregnant?

Investors hope fertility apps will help women deliver healthy babies, but what they also hope users will deliver is a lot of sensitive data.


Pirates Are Posting Prince's Music to An Obscure Corner of the Internet

Sure, you’ll have to break copyright to find Prince’s music online, but when has that ever stopped pirates?


Climate Change Is Fueling Violence, and Women Bear the Brunt

Women are disproportionately at risk from climate change.


More and More Science Grads Are Women. So Why Do So Few Make It to the Top?

Women at the top of their fields say bias is a real problem, and needs a structured approach to change.


HR Comes Last at Startups, and Women Pay the Price

Ping-pong table first, HR manager later.


What Happened When I Pushed Myself to Interview More Women

If journalists don’t ask the right questions of the right people, they’re missing at least half of the story.