We Went on One of Rio's Most Popular Favela Tours

On this episode of 'Daily VICE' we visit one of Rio's poorest neighborhoods in an attempt to understand a controversial form of tourism.


Meet the 'Slumscape' Painter Who Inspired Banksy's Dystopian Theme Park

The American artist Jeff Gillette has a new show in London juxtaposing Disney icons with real-world slums.


Inside the Philippines' Cemetery Slum

The Cemeterio Del Norte is inhabited by people who pull bones from tombs to move in. It's an entire slum community, populated by gang members, runaways, sex workers, and laborers who rank among the poorest of the world's poor.


The Slums of 1980s Glasgow Through the Lens of a French Photographer

Raymond Depardon's photo series captured everyday life in some of the city's most deprived neighborhoods amid the grind of Thatcher's Britain.


Comparing the Slums of 1970s Glasgow to the Buildings That Stand There Today

Photos taken for housing charity Shelter have finally been released to the public after a 45-year embargo.


Full Bleed: Labyrinth

Jason Jaworski's Labyrinth was created while traveling for 13 days through slums in the Philippines, accompanied by a group of little people.


The Russian Girl Who Grew Up in a Garbage Dump

Something to Come, premiering on HBO Europe this week, follows a child in a Russian garbage dump over the course of 14 years.


Getting to Know the Drug Lord Who Controlled Rio’s Biggest Slum

Being one of the most powerful drug lords in the country is "a much tougher job than people imagine," according to Misha Glenny's new book.


The People and Sweatshops Behind Argentina’s Largest Textile Fair

Photographer Sarah Pabst talks about her experience documenting the market known as La Salada.


The Philippines' Cemetery Slums

VICE Japan visited a massive slum on the outskirts of Manila where an estimated 6,000 people currently live and work amid graves and human bones.


Moonshine Poisoning Is Still a Massive, Deadly Problem Worldwide

After nearly a hundred people were killed by drinking bootleg liquor in Mumbai over the weekend, it's hard not to wonder when the problem of poisonous booze will end.


Tucked Beneath a Paris Nightclub, Migrants in a Tent City Try to Survive

As many as 200 migrants live in the so-called Austerlitz slum, near the banks of the Seine and below the popular club Wanderlust.