Sovereign Citizens

Decoding Extremism

Learn to Spot the Secret Signals of Far-Right 'Sovereign Citizens'

A surprising number of Americans are caught up in the throes of a fringe anti-government conspiracy theory, adherents to which have telltale "tics."
Allie Conti

What We Know About 'Sovereign Citizens' and the Waffle House Suspect

Travis Reinking reportedly identified with the extremist anti-government ideology more than once. Here's what that actually means—and doesn't.
Allie Conti

We Met the Americans Refusing to Recognize the Federal Government

Jamali Maddix sits down with a few self-declared "sovereign citizens" on the season finale of 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR.'
VICE Staff

My Son Was Murdered in the Line of Duty by Right-Wing Extremists

As a former police chief and father, I wish the feds would put more effort into stopping homegrown terrorism—not less, as the Trump administration is hinting.
Bob Paudert as told to Alex Yablon

What we know about the Baton Rouge gunman and the 'sovereign citizen' movement

Before he attacked police officers in Louisiana, gunman Gavin Long expressed interest in a black offshoot of the typically white anti-government movement.
Brendan James
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How Donald Trump Won Nevada's Cliven Bundy Vote

If Ted Cruz can't win Bunkerville, where can he win?
Grace Wyler

We Spoke to a Leader of Canada's Freemen on the Land Movement About the Oregon Standoff

We asked Robert Menard, a leader of the Freemen movement in Canada, if the Oregon militiamen are terrorists.
Jake Kivanc

Was the Black Lives Matter Shooter in Minnesota a 'Sovereign Citizen' Racist?

The 23-year-old charged with opening fire on a protest outside a Minneapolis police station last week reportedly subscribed to a number of racist and anti-government philosophies.
Brian McManus

Move Over, Jihadists — Sovereign Citizens Seen as America’s Top Terrorist Threat

Why do American law enforcement authorities regard a fringe ideology of homegrown radical nutjobs as the country's top terrorist threat, instead of Islamic extremists?
Maxwell Barna