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Earth-Like Planets May Be Common Outside Our Solar System, Scientists Discover

After studying the remains of exoplanets that crashed into dead stars, scientists think that rocky planets similar to Earth and Mars are likely common outside of our solar system.


Space Beef Is Here and It's Beef, But in Space

Aleph Farms announced on Monday that it had successfully grown a small piece of meat on the International Space Station.


Silk Gets Even Stronger in Freezing Outer Space Temperatures, Scientists Discover

Robot spiders catching space junk with silk webs? Ultra-luxury textiles on the space station? The future is comfy, and strong.


Inside Lockheed Martin’s New Facility for Simulating Space Wars

'Pulsar Guardian' will let governmental and commercial customers run wargames simulating conflict in space.


This $30 Device Turns the Cold of Outer Space Into Renewable Energy

“It literally is generating visible light out of the darkness of the sky. This is not even paraphrasing, this is exactly what it is."


Blood Orange Used Actual Space Sounds for a New 'Ad Astra' Visual

The artist scored a new clip for the upcoming space movie starring Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones.


Space Hotel Will Be Like 'Going on a Cruise,' Designer Ominously Warns

Let's take the worst things on Earth and put them in space.


This Is What Happens When Two Satellites Collide In Space

The first-ever collision between artificial satellites changed how the world looked at space. Now, low-Earth orbit is about to get a lot more crowded.


Why Alien Life Might Literally Glow

Scientists think that they can detect aliens by looking for bioluminescent glows.


Trump Just Took Another Step to Get Us Ready for Space Battles

It's not Space Force, but Trump didn't skimp on the theatrics of the SpaceCom announcement.


Hurricane Dorian Could Pose a Historic Threat to Kennedy Space Center

The forecast is still uncertain, but one possibility is a landfall right near the historic spaceport. NASA isn’t taking any chances.


Russia Just Sent This Robot, Which Can Shoot Guns, Into Space

Meet "Fyodor," which will arrive at the International Space Station on Saturday and definitely won't become self aware.